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The Mississippi Stud Poker

One of the stud poker variants has been taking the spotlight away from many other stud poker games. This particular stud poker variant is called the Mississippi Stud Poker. This game was invented out of the usual seven-card stud poker so that this seven-card stud poker can be played using the betting structures of no-limit and pot-limit. Such betting structures are ultimately more exciting and challenging to many poker players. And this propelled Mississippi Stud poker's popularity.

From the point of view betting structures, the game of Mississippi Stud poker is similar to that of Texas Hold'em. There is a fixed limit in the earlier betting rounds. Then, in the last two rounds, the limits are twice of that of the first two rounds. At the same time, the "bring-in" (the equivalent of blinds) is less than the limit of the first betting round.

The Mississippi Stud poker begins when the poker players are dealt with one face-up card and two face-down cards. The face-down cards are also termed "hole" cards. Having an Ace as one of the face-down cards gave rise to the phrase "an Ace in the hole".

Once the three cards are dealt to each poker player, the first betting round begins. Since it is a stud poker game, the third face-up card is also called the "third street". Once the first betting round is concluded, the poker players are dealt with two face-up cards. And then, the second round of betting is conducted. Since each poker player holds five cards, the poker players are said to be betting on the "fifth street".

This is where the Mississippi Stud poker deviates from the regular stud poker game. In the standard stud poker games, the poker players bet on the fourth street.

After the second betting round, each poker player is dealt with the sixth card. This sixth card is also a face-up card. Then a third betting round happens. The poker players are betting on the sixth street. And lastly, the poker players receive their seventh card, which is also dealt face-up. Each player of the Mississippi Stud poker, near the end of the game, will be holding two hole cards and five face-up cards.

Once the last card is dealt, a fourth betting round occurs. With so many face-up cards held by each poker player, hands, such as flushes and full houses, are considered "high hand exposed". After the betting round for the seventh street, the remaining poker players conduct a regular showdown.

The Mississippi Stud poker can be modified by initially dealing three cards to the poker players. If this modification is implemented, the poker players are playing the Mississippi Stud variant called Murrumbidgee Stud poker.