Poker Point

Online Poker: The New Dojo

Everything skill related requires a level of commitment, the kind of commitment that shows up in daily training and a pledging of both mind and body through habit, discipline and practice. Without it, skills will fade over a period of days and the performer will end up starting from nothing fairly soon. This applies especially to endeavors which are competitive at heart. Boxers need to practice their footwork and their combinations to create rote memory that they can rely on even if they are set upon by a hail of heavy handed blows from their opponents. Basketball players need their muscles to remember how to dribble the ball past defenders.

Poker is of course, no exception. Texas Hold'em on television with high stakes on the line is certainly high pressure for anyone - the best players have something to fall back on, some training that lets them bloom instead of wilting under the hot pressure. A common poker tip to get this training is to take advantage of the internet and go join an online poker site.

Online poker's greatest gift to any gambler is now that they can practice anytime they have free time, a computer and an internet connection. This means that they don't have to waste time doing nothing if a big tournament is coming up, they can just log in and try out a new way of betting and see how it turns out. Of course, the change of medium makes this poker tip limited in that you cannot practice how to read physical tells and or control your own, but this lets you focus entirely on your hand selection and your betting patterns. Since most sites even have a log this can also allow you to monitor both your unconscious habits and chop them off if you need to. This even gives you a measure of how large or small your bets are and can help you detect key weaknesses in your play style that you can buff up before the big games.

For beginners especially, the online poker tables can help them get over the fear of betting large and use the chips for their original intended purpose - to forget the fact perhaps, at one point in the game, you're throwing over ten thousand dollars on the table on a bluff and just think of it as a tactical maneuver that could you in an amazing position.