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The next hand ranking that is available is the straight. This is five cards of mixed suites is sequence. Similar to the straight flush, it is much more common. Next we have the three of a kind, and the two of a kind. The three of a kind consists of three cards bearing the same value and the two pairs are two pairs of cards with the same value each. The next hand rankling is the pair. This consists of a pair of cards that has the same value. In the case of two pairs, the higher of the two beats the other. In the case of a tie, the highest of the three remaining cards casts the decisions, or the second or the third.

When you wish to begin to play poker, then you can learn how to play it in the online casinos with ease. While this may lack in the excitement that you may get in a regular casinos, it is the ideal place for beginners to learn. If you were to go into one of the land based casinos to play poker, you would have to spend money on each game. However, when you play in the online casinos, then you can play the game for free for as long as you wish, and then, when you have learned all that you can from the free poker game s, you can go on to play the game for real money.