Poker Point

Video Poker Games and Variations

Jacks or Better isn't the only video poker game you can play. You can choose among many variations, some of which are described below. The fundamental rules are the same: You bet one to five coins and are dealt cards which you can choose to replace once. You get paid depending on how rare your final poker hand is.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

So-called because all twos or "deuces" are wild in this game. With four wild cards, high-paying hands occur more often. In fact, a four of a kind will appear once about every fifteen hands! Even with three of a kind as the lowest qualifying hand and lower payoffs for other hands, the game still has a 100.7% payback percentage when played with best strategy. Deuces Wild is the favorite of video poker professionals.

Double Bonus Video Poker

What makes this game special is that four of a kind hands are paid a lot more than in standard Jacks or Better. Four fives through kings are paid 250-1. Four twos through fours are paid 400-1.

Joker Wild Video Poker

This game plays like other video poker variants, but with a 53rd card added, the joker. The joker is a wild card making it possible to substitute it for any card that can create the highest paying hand with the other cards. Payback percentage of this game ranges from about 97% to as high as 100.6%, making it almost as good as full-pay Deuces Wild.

Pickem Video Poker

Pickem Poker is good for those who are bored with traditional video poker. It is based in stud poker. You are dealt two cards face up and must choose from two other sets of cards that are partly face down. The minimum paying hand is a pair of 9's. Its high payback percentage of 99.95% makes it one of the best deals in the house.

All American Video Poker

All-American Video Poker is played in the same way as most other games. The difference lies in its pay table. The straight, flush and full house hands are all paid 8 for 1. In other games a straight is paid less than the other hands since they hit more often. This twist in payouts definitely changes the tone of the game. Since they pay equally, always prefer a straight over a flush and a flush over a full house.

Anything's Wild Video Poker

This amusing game lets you choose which kind of card to want to turn into a wild card before you play. If you choose 7 for instance, all 7's become wild. If you can't find Deuces Wild in a casino, look for Anything Wild… then just designate the 2's as your wild cards every time. Number 2 will give you the best return and 10 gives the worst.