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WSOP winners of the 1970's

The main event of the World Series of Poker is undeniably the most sought-after event in the poker world. In the World Series of Poker, you get to play with the best poker players, so to get in the main event, it means that you are really, really good in poker.

What more if you won the event? That will surely be a momentous day for you. Certainly, the poker world will never forget your name after that.

Here are some of the poker players who won in the 1970's main event of the World Series of Poker:

Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss snatched the title in two consecutive years, 1970 and 1971 respectively. He knew about poker early in his life. He started learning poker when he was ten years old, and was the student of the trickiest poker players. Early in his career as a poker player, he used these tricks. But when he started entering bigger events, he chose to let go of these tricks and decided to play it clean. This didn't stop him from watching out for cheaters. After several wins, Benny Binion hailed hi as the best there ever is in the poker world.

Puggy Pearson

Two years after Johnny Moss won, Puggy Pearson took his turn as the champion of the WSOP main event. He came from a poor family, and always dreamed of giving his family a better life. He joined the navy when he was sixteen years old. This was the time he took interest in poker. He discovered that he has the skills in winning in poker, so he decided to start a career as a professional poker player. After winning in WSOP, he became more popular in the world of poker, and was later called the Father of Poker Tournament. He is also known for his bus, the Roving Gambler, which takes him to places where he can play poker. Because he came from a poor family, now, he doesn't forget to help poor poker players in need.

Hal Fowler

The last person to win in the 1970's WSOP main event was Hal Fowler. At that time, nobody expected him to win, after all he is the first to win the WSOP main event who was not a professional. He did not even have money to enter the tournament; Ben Binion had to lend him some gambling money. His poker career was short=lived though. He suffered an died at the hands of diabetes.